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We are the Paycheck Party.

And they are the bosses, the banks, the money men, and all their little buddies, including, in the past, the politicians we elect for them. From now on we elect only those politicians who support us, the real economic engine of our country.


What do we want?

Three ways to fix unemployment right now:

Minimum Vacation
Guarantees anyone who works after one year 30 paid vacation days a year, plus holidays. The bosses will have to hire people instantly to make up for a 1/12 reduction in workdays for everyone. Reduces unemployment drastically, at no cost to our government at all.

Work from 9 to 5
Remember back in the good old days when a full work day was from 9 to 5, including two breaks and a lunch hour? If we turn back the clock to a reasonable workday by mandating that no employee has to work more than 35 hours a week, bosses will have to hire more people. Reduces unemployment slightly, at no cost to our government at all.

Tax overseas workers
We're too afraid to ask for tariffs and taxes on imported goods, but it won't affect other countries if we add a fat surtax on overseas workers who are stealing our jobs. This is the sensible way to stop jobs from going overseas - make their labor cost the same as ours does by charging the corporate geniuses who decide to use foreign labor, at no cost to our government at all.

We want paychecks.

How do we get those paychecks? By electing politicians who will pass laws to benefit us first, not the bosses and their cronies.


How we will take our country back from the bosses:


Stop electing boss' boys
That's everyone currently working in politics. They all believe they have to kiss the boss' butts to get the money they need to elect us. But if they don't support the Paycheck Party platform, don't vote for them. If they come out for the Minimum Vacation Law, they're in. If they say they don't like it for any reason, no matter how fearful they make it seem, they are against us.

Who are these bosses?

Bosses only fear the law
The rich and powerful corporate world has respect for only one thing: the law. This is why they surround themselves with hundreds of lawyers, out of fear. Once we give the politicians the idea to pass laws to benefit us instead of them, they will finally be where we want them: In fear of our ability to control them.

We're all in this together
Without a simple fact to unite us, we are right back where the bosses want us, divided into two mutually impotent factions called liberal and conservative. You can be as liberal or as conservative as you want about everything else, but we all get a paycheck, or want to get one, and this simple fact unites us. The other stuff is all smoke and mirrors to distract us from the fact that the bosses are really running this country when it should be us.

We want our government to control our bosses.

Right now the bosses control our politicians, by paying them money to help them get elected. Yet we are the ones who elect them, not our bosses. The politicians will learn to be afraid of us, not our bosses.

Take action now:


Make your politicians sign the Paycheck Party Pledge
Politicians will hedge and fudge and pretend they're going to do things and then will turn around and do something else at the first sign of the slightest resistence. If they publicly sign the Paycheck Party Pledge to guarantee they will fight for the full passage of the new Minimum Laws, we will at least have some kind of hold over them when they come back begging for our votes again.

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Join the discussion, add your ideas to the never-ending list of things we would like to make our jobs better, and our paychecks fatter. Tell your friends and family about the idea that we all either get a paycheck or want to get a paycheck, and that we are all united by this plain and simple fact.

Protest, vote against, and question the bosses
The bosses are the super-rich, the CEO class and all their little vice president buddies, their lawyers and bankers and the whole Wall Street gang of bloodsucking thieves together. The small business bosses and all the many sub-bosses in management throughout the corporate world are not the real bosses. You will know them because they hate the Paycheck Party.

We want the world's best economy.

Everyone knows by now that money doesn't trickle down, or else we'd all be much richer than we used to be instead of poorer. But money does explode upward, because the poorest people spend every dime they get as soon as they get it.